Elastometric Coatings

Elastometric Coatings


Stucco requires paint that is able to expand and contract. Also, it should be extremely durable, mildew and dirt resistant, waterproof, and have good elasticity to help resist cracking.

Elastomeric paint is a high build coating that is designed to protect masonry surfaces. These coatings help protect your stucco from wind driven rain, and can create a waterproof system if applied correctly. Here are some of the benefits to using a high quality elastomeric coating from Sherwin-Williams.

Benefits of using elastomeric paint


One of the best reasons to use elastomeric paint is that it places a secure coating on the surface you are painting. This coating creates a barrier so that moisture is unable to penetrate the walls. This will work well on surfaces such as masonry, stucco, poured concrete, roofs, bricks, wood, and metal.


The strong makeup of elastomeric paint gives it much more longevity than ordinary paints. It will last upwards of ten years when applied properly.


Elastomeric paint is made up of a stretchy material. It can move with whatever structure it is placed on. This means it can shift with a wall or roof from the changes associated with climate changes.


This paint can be up to ten times thicker than your regular paint and it shows in the end result.


Strong rains driven by the wind can often harm paint coatings. Elastomeric paint is made to weather these storms far better than your conventional paint.

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