Hugo R Perez Yescas

Hi there!

I’m Hugo, the proud owner of PRECISION & QUALITY PAINTING INC. Let me tell you a little bit about me; I would like to start with the most remarkable thing I know that will matter to you… “I have passion for this trade.” I'm a very meticulous guy and always take care of details. I'm obsessed with that!!! I was taught that quality craftsmanship is the main key for a great painting job. All my team is trained in the same way and I'm proud to say that we deliver the best craftsmanship and quality painting services you will ever find.

I've been working in the trade for a bit more than 18 years now. I started working when I was 19 years old, this has been the only work I have had and I have loved it since day one! Most of my family is in the painting industry,so this is how I ended up being a painter!

In all this time I have only worked for three painting companies and thanks to my hard work, passion, ethics, and craftsmanship, I have become the main guy on all these three companies.

I have never been fired, the first two painting companies that I worked for went to bankruptcy, and that's how I ended up at the last company, where I worked for 8 years and where I helped them to grow by teaching them how to perform a quality work with the techniques and skills they didn't have at the moment in order to bring quality service to its customers, until I decided to start my own business, a dream that I had have for years and now is a reality.

Now, I’m not only the boss, I still like working in the field because I really love this trade!! and more important I know how to do the work with the highest quality.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and finest finish on your residential or commercial interior and exterior painting services We like to be very meticulous on preparation, in keeping the workplace clean and dust-free, in using the finest and quality materials Each member in our crew is a professional painter with the highest work ethics and knowledge to take your home Interior or Exterior to the next level.

I can assure you that once you give us the opportunity to perform your painting project, you will never want to work with another painting company again other than us. We will treat your project as if it were our house!!! So believe me when I say that we will work the extra mile to transform your house into a home!

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